Due: December 15, 2017 at 11:59pm
Students must coordinate with their college professor/director to ensure their concurrence with the submission of this application. The college instructor/director will be contacted post application to confirm application concurrence and their nomination.

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    understand that all decisions made by the panel of judges are final and may not be appealed.
    Terms need to include ability to pay $175 Registration, not including cost of
    sleeping accommodations, ability to prepare prepare all selections in advance, and
    participate in all rehearsals and performance obligations February 15 & 16 if selected.


Paul Carr and Jazz
Wilson Center Article

SMP_3070Paul Carr and Jazz Wilson Center Article by Blair A. Ruble.

Saxophonist Paul Carr tells the story of waiting with his saxophone at the baggage claim belt in St. Petersburg, Russia, when another passenger came up and said: “Paul Carr, Westminster Church in Washington.” Paul recounts this incident as a way of testifying to the global reach of Friday Night Jazz at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Southwest Washington, D.C. Home to a hugely successful concert series now nearly two decades old, Westminster has become a touchstone of the D.C. jazz scene.


Interested in
the Ensemble?

The Jazz Academy Ensemble (JAE) is for young instrumental musicians that are interested in playing and performing Jazz music in a group setting. JAE is an excellent opportunity for young musicians who have never improvised or created a solo or those who are in the formative stages of developing their improvisational skills.
No Audition Required!
Rehearsal begins 9/19/17 at 5:45pm (bi-weekly) $275 per semester.
CLICK HERE to register for the Ensemble. we-want-you-square

Returning Orchestra Member?

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