Jazz Academy Introductory Ensemble (JAIE)

The Jazz Academy Introductory Ensemble (JAIE) is for students who have never played jazz music and would like to learn how to read and play jazz. To be eligible for JAIE, students must be at least 8 years of age and must have at least 1 year of study on their instrument. JAIE is for students interested in learning to play a musical instrument in contemporary and traditional jazz styles. Students will learn to play and perform in a group setting. JAIE is an excellent opportunity for young musicians who are in the formative stages of developing their musical skills to learn how to read music and play an instrument while being introduced to jazz styling and history.

The best place for the young musician to start learning about Jazz music is the Jazz Academy Introductory Ensemble.

Many students in this group have basic to intermediate classical training and would like to develop jazz music skills. Students will learn and develop improvisational skills and will learn how to read and interpret basic jazz charts. This is a great starting point for those students that are not quite ready for JAE.

JAIE is the entry point to the world of instrumental music and particularly jazz music

In order to develop your skills, you have to practice individually as well as in a group setting and the earlier you start the better you will be. The students that practice in multiple settings increase their chances of making their high school jazz bands; county and state jazz bands and even the Jazz Academy Ensemble (JAE) and the award winning Jazz Academy Orchestra (JAO).

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Many of the Jazz Academy students successfully audition for these bands and win college scholarships to some of the best schools and conservatories in the country including Juilliard, Berkley, and New England. Our students have also been awarded admittance and scholarships to some of the most prestigious Jazz music camps in the country. And even those that do not pursue music in college enjoy the benefit of having participated in music when presenting their portfolio. Many of our students have also been admitted to some of the top academic institutions in the country.

Start today and begin studying with your peers and one of the top Jazz Musicians in the Country today…

Our Director, Paul Carr, is one of the top saxophonists in the country. His most recent CD was ranked in the top 10 on the Jazz Radio Charts and received critical acclaim in publications such as Downbeat, Jazz Times and more. The effectiveness of his teaching methods has been recognized by many respected educators at secondary and collegiate levels. He enjoys working and collaborating with the music directors in the local schools to advance and preserve Jazz music and views his efforts as supplemental to the great work of the school system.

The JAIE Works This Way!

The Academy will hold the JAIE rehearsals over two semesters. The fall semester begins Tuesday, September 26, 2017. The spring semester begins January 23, 2018. Rehearsals are held bi-weekly on Tuesday evenings from 5:45pm to 7:00pm at Sligo Middle School, 1401 Dennis Avenue, Silver Spring, MD 20902.

The first class is an orientation session. During orientation students will be introduced to various instruments and will be guided through the process of selecting a musical instrument of choice. Parents may rent the instrument from our partner music rental establishment, L&L Music or may choose to purchase the instrument chosen. All students must have an instrument for the second class.

By the end of the first semester, students will be expected to be able to read and play simple musical excerpts and at least 2 major scales. At the end of the second semester students will have reached the Advance Beginner Level. Students will be expected to be able to play 3 major scales, understands key signatures, and recognize and observe most often used symbols pertaining to pitch, rhythm, dynamics, tempo, articulation and other expressive details and can read and perform simple musical excerpts never seen before.

Sligo Middle School
1401 Dennis Avenue
Silver Spring, MD 20902
Class begins: 9/26/2017 @ 5:45pm


Paul Carr and Jazz
Wilson Center Article

SMP_3070Paul Carr and Jazz Wilson Center Article by Blair A. Ruble.

Saxophonist Paul Carr tells the story of waiting with his saxophone at the baggage claim belt in St. Petersburg, Russia, when another passenger came up and said: “Paul Carr, Westminster Church in Washington.” Paul recounts this incident as a way of testifying to the global reach of Friday Night Jazz at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Southwest Washington, D.C. Home to a hugely successful concert series now nearly two decades old, Westminster has become a touchstone of the D.C. jazz scene.


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The Jazz Academy Ensemble (JAE) is for young instrumental musicians that are interested in playing and performing Jazz music in a group setting. JAE is an excellent opportunity for young musicians who have never improvised or created a solo or those who are in the formative stages of developing their improvisational skills.
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Rehearsal begins 9/19/17 at 5:45pm (bi-weekly) $275 per semester.
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